Senate Republican Leader Grove's Legislation to Fight Agricultural Theft Passes Senate Floor

SACRAMENTO – Today, Senate Bill 224 introduced by Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) passed out of the California State Senate. Leader Grove partnered with Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux to create SB 224 which would help protect farmers from rural agricultural theft. 

“Farmers purchase the expensive equipment so that they can produce food for Californians and these criminals are stealing their property. It is challenging for law enforcement agencies to combat agricultural theft because criminals take advantage of rural areas. Law enforcement agencies must utilize innovative strategies and technology in combating this theft which requires more resources and support.

“My legislation would offer necessary help to our law enforcement and farmers. When criminals steal from our hardworking farmers, they also steal from the pocketbooks of Californians,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.

SB 224 would:

  • Create a new category for grand theft of agricultural property.
  • Require that the fines collected be redistributed back to current agriculture and rural-based crime prevention programs.

SB 224 will now head to the California State Assembly for consideration.