Senate Republican Leader Grove Responds to Governor's May Revise

With an anticipated budget surplus of $21 billion, the governor released his revised State Budget proposal today which called for record-spending of $214 billion, up from $209 billion in January. California's budget surplus is more than four times Nevada's annual budget.

Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) has released the following statement:

"California families are taxed too much. Our families already face a tax on air and a gas tax that is the second highest in the nation. Yet, this updated budget proposal wants to tax them an additional $2.4 billion.

"Senate Republicans are fighting to make California a better place to live and prioritize the needs of hardworking Californians.

"However, I am grateful to see that more attention is being focused on the developmentally disabled community. Republicans asked for an 8 percent across the board rate increase for service providers who take care of our most vulnerable members of society. This budget allocates $330 million in funding for this community and that should be just the beginning," said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.